Making Over Molly
an independent feature film documentary by Heidi Van Horne

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Heidi Van Horne's "Making Over Molly" had a successful Indie Go Go crowdfunding campaign in 2013 that funded the next stage of post production and paid production staff.  Heidi is still seeking investors and finishing funds but the film is currently in post production status.

"A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the campaign a HUGE success!  We could not have done it without you!  Thank you for believing in the project and in me!  The movie is continuing to evolve as the editing process moves forward after some technical and life delays.  I have some exciting elements in line and some great people on the team for the next steps so I am eager to get to a point where I have more to share, but for now, enjoy the new teaser poster for the film, with an image shot by the incomparable Robyn Arouty, with hair and make up by Heather Williams.

I can say that there will be a surprise bonus gift for ALL contributors in the next few months as a thank you for your patience, and that will be coming via email, so please be sure we have your email address correct via the Indie Go Go campaign where you contributed.  We will make those announcements when the dates are more firm, for now they are still in the works.  ;)

Thanks for your support and faith in the project and I can't wait to share more with you soon!  Happy Holidays and Here's to greeting you with lots of great news in the New Year!


Making Over Molly and Heidi Van Horne would like to sincerely thank:
(in no particular order / list to be amended as production continues!)

A girl and her truck

...and the story of rebuilding both.
copyright 2014 Heidi Van Horne / Rack Focus Pictures, LLC

photo by Robyn Arounty
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